1 d’abril de 2014

Bali (Eat, pray, love revisited)

For those of you that might of imagined me as a Julia Roberts in Bali as in the book or the film, sorry but Bali is not that glamorous it goes more like:

EAT what you can when you can, crave fish and chips and cheese, cereal for breakfast cereal for dinner, get creative with soya sauce, on the bean soup diet detox (3 days and three nights out of a single saucepan), spicy is your friend.

PRAY for couchsurfing acceptance, wifi connecton, an unexpected 20 note, a train ride under 8 hours, a night without cockrels, a coconut not falling whilst you are walking under it, non tourist area, free drinking water refill, a whashing machine.

LOVE not having a pristine look and looking like a tramp, smiling through your sweaty upper lip and armpit circles, love is being invited to lunch, a free boat ride or inside information on cheap accommodation.Embrace and accept those not tall smoking indonesians, those anoying partying western groups of travellers, those sweaty yoga partners as yourself.

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